What Not To Do When You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

While most articles on the internet will tell you what to do in case you get accidentally locked out of your car, we plan on doing the opposite today. Namely, tell you what not to do in case something like this happens to you. We know it can be difficult to remember every piece of good advice you have ever read while staring at your locked car in the middle of nowhere at 2 in the morning. So we thought it might be easier to remember what to avoid doing if the dreadful lockout turns into reality.

Don't Panic!car lock

It may be hard to put this one into practice, but keeping calm will definitely help do everything else a lot more effectively. Let's say you are trying to open the driver's door and you notice it is locked. Then you sneak a peek inside the car and spot your key chain on the front seat. You cannot imagine how they got there. All you can think of now is how to call 911 or an emergency locksmith or towing service faster.

Before you lose yourself into contact numbers and frantic explanations over the phone, take a deep breath. Take the time to double check each of the remaining doors and make sure all of them are locked. Also, don't forget to check the trunk. You may be able to access the inside of your car via the trunk.

Don't Lose Your Spare Key

If you have at least one spare key to your car, don't forget where you've put it. You will need to use it in case you are locked out of the car so you can avoid having to call – and pay – for professional help. If you do not have your spare on you, at least remember where it is or who is the person you have trusted with a copy. They should be able to quickly bring it to you unless they are on vacation or unavailable.

Replacement keys are excellent investments that will practically pay for themselves in time. Just picture someone stealing your car and the police finding your vehicle, but requiring you to establish ownership of it with the help of the vehicle identification number. Your key fob should help you prove the car belongs to you.

If you do not already have a spare key, talk to an automotive locksmith and fix things. It should not cost an arm and a leg, which is usually the case for most car dealers, and you will definitely thank yourself later.

Don't Forget About Roadside Assistance

If your car's insurance policy covers roadside assistance, look for their information on your phone. Preferably, you should have a picture of your roadside assistance card with all the contact details on it. Print it and keep it in your wallet so you can use it in case your phone runs out of battery or gets locked in the car.

While you may have opted for comprehensive coverage, keep in mind this does not automatically mean you are also covered for roadside assistance. Plus, it is also possible for the respective service not to be able to pick the locks on your car on their own and be forced to call a professional locksmith which will most likely not be included in the policy.

Don't forget to call your insurance agent as soon as you discover you have remained locked out of your car, so you can know if you can rely on them or not. Some insurance coverage will pay for a lockout since it is one of the most affordable roadside assistance options. However, if you remain locked out in a remote area, far away from home, you should expect to pay a little extra for the additional mileage.

If you are driving a new car, the warranty may cover the cost of a lockout and other roadside assistance features. Just make sure you don't forget about it while desperately trying to figure out how to get back behind the wheel quicker. Even a credit card may cover roadside insurance.

Don't Try To Pick Your Locks On Your Own

While you may have seen YouTube videos showing you how to use a pump wedge or a wire coat to open your vehicle, it is advisable to avoid testing these tips on your own. You will risk damaging your car and even injuring yourself in the process.

Instead, call a towing service or a local locksmith for cars that handle emergencies 24/7 in your area and avoid any extra hassle. A mobile locksmith should reach you within 20 minutes from placing a call and assist you with modern tools and safety procedures.

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